Game Devs + Space = Awesome
Orlando Florida
1st Year Mission Accomplished!

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What is Indie Galactic Space Jam?

Well its Orlando’s collaborative Game Dev Event
working closely with the Space Industry

1. an event in which individuals come together in a physical environment and attempt, in a limited amount of time, to rapidly prototype a game (video or otherwise) focused on some element of space; a “space-y” game jam: She was on the team that made that awesome game I love at the Indie Galactic Space Jam!

This is the first Indie Galactic Space Jam, and we’re excited to bring our experiences in planning the local Global Game Jam to this opportunity to build with our talented peers here in Central Florida. You will be part of a team, or a lone (space) wolf, charting a course to fun and excitement.

Everyone is welcome to participate throughout the 48 hour Jam. We’re looking for artists, programmers, game designers, UI & UX designers, sound designers, writers, poets, interpretive dancers, people excited about games, people excited about space, people who like to eat pizza, and people like you. Please sign up, and get ready to jam!

So how does the event go?

Through the chaos of development comes something beautiful


Event Agenda

Get ready for an action packed 48 Hours. As we continue to plan, events are subject to change.

Friday - July 25th
Saturday - July 26th
Sunday - July 27th
Friday - July 25th

The night you chart a course for fun & excitement. Have an idea? pitch it. Heard an awesome idea? Join the team.
As is with most jams, remember to bring your own development gear.

6:30pm – Event begins with mingling, drinks and dinner
8:00pm – Event Intro & Keynote Talks
8:30pm – Game Pitches begin
10:00pm – Teams Assemble, Ideas Planned and Begin work
Midnight – Go Home!

Saturday - July 26th

The non-stop game building action remains non-stop, except for the times you have to stop for food and ask for help.

8:00am – Doors Open, Breakfast/Coffee
12:30pm – Lunch / Status Updates / Call for Help
6:30pm – Dinner
Midnight – Go Home!

Sunday - July 27th

The hard work hopefully looks like it is forming into something recognizable as fun. Success or failure, hopefully you learned something.
Tonight, you will present your team’s game concept for everyone to enjoy!

8:00am – Doors Open, Breakfast/Coffee
12:30pm – Lunch and Status Updates / Call for Help
5:00pm – Complete Game Projects, Begin Project Uploads
6:00pm – Technical Check with presentations over the projector
7:00pm – Team Presentations Begin
9:00pm – Go Home

This is a highly collaborative event dedicated
to creating fun, exciting & inspiring games
about Space Travel & Exploration

The Organizing Team

Our experienced team is dedicated to bringing you the greatest collaborative event Orlando has seen yet.
(This isn’t our first trip to the game development rodeo- see pics from some of our previous jams below!)

member photo

Kunal Patel

CEO Phyken Media /
Co-Founder Indienomicon / Space Jam Organizer
member photo

Dr. Peter Smith

UCF Professor / Space Jam Organizer
member photo

Corey Cochran

CEO ThatWhichIs Media / Space Jam Organizer

Our 48-Hour Mission

Central Florida is brimming with tech talent- you know it, we know it; it’s time to work together and let everyone else know it!

Our goal is to bring together people from various creative and technical fields to develop fun games that generate excitement among the public about space travel & exploration. Our dream is that these same individuals find new ways to work together and form lasting relationships, that we bring the national spotlight onto Central Florida for our unique combinations of talent, and that the games we make help to promote interest in STEM education to the generations that will carry these concepts into the future.


Compelling Games require
a smart mix of combined skills

Helpful Skills

Are you ready to join in?


The Sponsors

The organizations that partnered with us to make this event possible!

Planet Level Sponsors

Moon Level Sponsors

The founding groups that organized this event


Media Sponsors – Community Organizations that helped us spread the word, so we’re spreading word on them!
Nerd Nite Orlando

Do you care about Games? Space? STEM? Then support this event!

Ways to Sponsor

Are you a Space Agency?

Be a part of this event. With your help we can build public interest in space travel, and Orlando is the place to do it!

We’d also love for you to participate in our Open Innovation Challenge: you provide us a set of goals or initiatives and watch as some of our development teams take them on, building games incorporating the elements in which you are interested. Who knows? You could find your next employee(s)!


Contact Us

 Orlando, Florida 32801, United States